Enter: Voluminary…

With the initial launch of the first Voluminary prototype, we thought it would make sense to spend a little time explaining what we’ve built, why we built it, and how to use it.

What is Voluminary?

Like the copy says, we are a “community driven collection of the top resources to start learning any subject.” But what does that mean, exactly? Well, we’ve taken a good deal of time to research good resources (mostly books right now) for learning quite a few subjects as a beginner. We’ve targeted popular skills (e.g. Learning a new language, playing an instrument) along with common career building subjects (business, computer programming, etc). Along with our initial database of resources, we’ve built a user recommendation system and a method of requesting new resources or subject additions with the hopes of quickly utilizing the precious input from learners or experts just like yourself. Community!

Why build it?

Learning something new can often be an overwhelming endeavor, especially at the get-go. Where do you start? You’ve already committed to investing time in actually learning a thing, but lo-and-behold you need to spend a majority of that time, up front, researching how exactly one goes about learning that thing.

So maybe you turn to Google or Amazon and type “how to learn X.” Maybe you get lucky and find a helpful blog post, college course syllabus, or Amazon listmania list. More likely, you are inundated with “learn X in 35 seconds, guaranteed” and “why waste your time learning X when everyone already knows Y” or “give me 30 dollars and I will teach you all the secrets of X.” It is a mess that we’ve struggled with personally time and time again. Which is why we wanted to bring Voluminary into the world.

How do you use it?

Right now, Voluminary is (hopefully) quite simple: find your subject and browse the resources, or don’t find your subject and (politely) request it’s addition. We like to think we’ve covered a lot of the broad bases, but we are quickly discovering big gaps, and growing as fast as we can to fill them.

That is where you come in.

Everyone is an expert in something, especially you, oh mighty blog post reader. The more experts we can gather together in one community, the more subjects we can cover, not to mention curating higher and higher quality lists of resources. So join up today (100% completely free forever) and start contributing.

What’s up next?

Voluminary is still new, and we are currently focusing on expanding our subjects, and increasing our lists of resources (and resource types). We have some pretty rad ideas for future features and phases, so definitely expect some changes as we mature. But one thing that will not change is our dedication to our mission: helping learners find their pathway to knowledge.

So what do you think? Leave a comment below, or provide us with some feedback.